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application for review

Character Name: tehissAge: 20Class: sith marauderSpec: DPSLevel: 33Internet Connection: DSlPast MMO's Played: Wow DnDTimes Available to Play: 2 p.m. to 12 a.m.What are you looking for in a guild ? a casual to moderate guild to have fun leveling an...
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General Discussion


I have been looking for Datacrons and came across this site that has been a huge help for finding Datacrons. Also this one has a nice brake down of the matrix crystals.
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application for review

Character Name :draakmaAge: 53 years youngClass: sorc inquisitorSpec: dpsLevel:50Internet Connection: dslPast MMO's Played: i played lotro since alpha in a very strong raiding kin and have switched games to swotr. before that i played eq 1 and i ...
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HysGrace - Craft

Artifice 400Archeology 400Treasure Hunting 400I can make most if not all of the green crystals (not color, quality). I'm currently Reverse Engineering to get other schems. I have quite a few blue quality crystals and purple quality crystals @ lvl ...
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Apply To Guild

Application Format

GreetingsThank-you for your interest in Joining, Dark Assassins. Please copy the application format and create a new Topic with the character you are applying with.Character Name:Age:Class:Spec:Level:Internet Connection:Past MMO's Played:Times Ava...
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Guild Charter, Rules & Conduct.

Guild Charter, Rules & Conduct

Guild CharterPrefaceThis charter should be read and understood by all Guild members. If you have any questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact an Officer or the Guild Master.Mission StatementDark Assassins is a Star Wars Old Republic guild o...
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