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application for review

Character Name: tehissAge: 20Class: sith marauderSpec: DPSLevel: 33Internet Connection: DSlPast MMO's Played: Wow DnDTimes Available to Play: 2 p.m. to 12 a.m.What are you looking for in a guild ? a casual to moderate guild to have fun leveling an...
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Apply To Guild

application for review

Character Name :draakmaAge: 53 years youngClass: sorc inquisitorSpec: dpsLevel:50Internet Connection: dslPast MMO's Played: i played lotro since alpha in a very strong raiding kin and have switched games to swotr. before that i played eq 1 and i ...
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Apply To Guild

Application Format

GreetingsThank-you for your interest in Joining, Dark Assassins. Please copy the application format and create a new Topic with the character you are applying with.Character Name:Age:Class:Spec:Level:Internet Connection:Past MMO's Played:Times Ava...
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